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Full Stack Developer‎

Full Stack Developer‎

Do you love to code in your sleep or you are a true hacker? Are you interested in working with a product-oriented company in a Silicon Valley-like culture? Are you fed up with working with boring companies where there is little or no recognition? Is yes, then we are the best bet for you!

At CareAxiom, we know that coders are our true assets. We are a provider of web-based solutions to improve care coordination for senior living facilities in the US. We have been featured in mainstream media including CNN, Techcrunch and Forbes.

Company Values

  • People don’t work for us but WITH us
  • We don’t give jobs but CAREERS
  • You are not our employee but our PARTNER


Job Role

You would be directly involved in our core product and your code will be potentially used by thousands of users where you will get a chance to be emotionally vested in the product, something you can be proud of.

You will be part of the integrations team and will be given a chance to interact directly with our integration partners. You will have to create highly optimized APIs that would be consumed by third-party systems as well as to consume APIs provided by other systems in a highly optimized way.

You will get a chance to work on integrations with a variety of systems like Pharmacies, EHRs etc. and by doing so you will get to know about different areas of our system.

Key competencies

  • Experience working as part of an Agile team
  • Advanced understanding of web architecture and database fundamental
  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a development team with a range of scientific and professional backgrounds
  • Understanding of OOP principles, JavaScript and MVC frameworks
  • Expertise in Javascript, Node.js, Angular, will be highly preferred
  • Experience with creating APIs for third parties and consuming third-party APIs will be a plus
  • Experience integrating with external systems will be a plus


Primary Technologies

  • Node 8.0 with promises, async/await, generators and coroutines
  • Backend Frameworks including Express.js, GraphQL and Sequelize
  • Storage solutions like MySql, Postgres and Redis
  • Pub/Sub through Amazon SQS and RabbitMQ
  • Frontend technologies include Angular 1.x, Webpack, Babel, Bootstrap, NPM


We Offer

  • Highly competitive salaries
  • Talented, passionate, and fun colleagues
  • Inpatient health insurance for family
  • Outpatient health insurance for family
  • Macbook air/pro
  • International working exposure
  • Learning and Growth opportunities
  • Performance-based Incentives and Bonus plan
  • Equity-based stock options
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Company sponsored daily lunch
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Company sponsored tech talks
  • Monthly celebration gala
  • Monthly sports activities
  • Team building activities

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